Past Leadership

The following individuals have served the Port of Klickitat as Commissioners for commissioner district no. 2.

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Commissioners — District #2
Photo of Rodger Ford

Rodger L. Ford
Lyle, Washington

January 1, 2002 – December 31, 2007 (elected 11/6/2001)
January 1, 2008 – April 18, 2010 (elected 11/7/2007)

Before serving as a commissioner, Rodger worked as a mechanic for Mid-Columbia Marine, a marine sales and service company located in the building now serving as the Port of Hood River office (as of 2011). An accident that injured his back forced him to change careers and he, along with his parents, launched R & M Game Birds in Lyle in 1987. He became involved with the Port in the mid-90s when he served on a Port advisory committee. Rodger continued to own and operate R & M Game Birds during, his service to the Port. Rodger passed away in April 2010 at age 55.

During his tenure, a two-lane boat ramp was constructed at Marina Park, rock and dirt fill from the WSDOT Hwy. 14 project was placed at Bingen Point, the 118 Columbia River Building (aka Building 1D) was constructed, the dock crane at Dallesport was removed, cleanup of the Recycled Aluminum Metals Company (RAMCo) saltcake disposal site at Dallesport began, the 110 Bingen Point Building (aka Building 1E) was constructed, the Williams gas transmission pipeline at Dallesport was moved, The Dalles Fruit Company (111 Parallel) building was constructed, Verizon placed antennas on the water reservoir at Dallesport, and cleanup of the Dow Road saltcake site was completed.

(obituary: Rodger Lee Ford, The Enterprise 4-29-2010, pg ?)

Photo of B. Marc Harvey

B. Marc Harvey

January 1, 1996 – December 31, 2001 (elected 11/3/1995)

Photo of Dan Frey

Spencer ("Dan") Frey
Lyle, Washington

November 26, 1991 – December 31, 1995 (elected 11/5/1991)

Before serving as a commissioner, Dan briefly worked in the logging industry (particularly in the Trout Lake area) until moving into cattle ranching. He remained a cattle rancher while serving as a commissioner and after leaving the Port.

During his tenure (Klickitat Point, DIP Overpass, RAMCo)...

Photo of William A. Schmitt

William A. ("Bill") Schmitt

October 23, 1990 – November -, 1991 (appointed 10/23/1990)

Photo of Bill Hamm

William M. ("Bill") Hamm
Lyle, Washington

April 10, 1973 – November -, 1973 (appointed 4/10/1973)
November -, 1973 – December 31, 1977 (elected 11/-/1973)
January 1, 1978 – December 31, 1983 (elected 11/8/1977)
January 1, 1984 – December 31, 1989 (elected 11/8/1983)
January 1, 1990 – August 29, 1990 (elected 11/7/1989)

Before serving as a commissioner, Bill worked for Shell Oil Company, served in the Army Medical Service Corps, was a partner in a service station and farm machinery business, and operated an excavation and contracting business (which he continued to do while holding office).

During his tenure (Klickitat Point, DIP Overpass, RAMCo)...

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Photo of Lawrence Tidyman

Lawrence C. Tidyman
Dallesport, Washington

December 28, 1967 – November 5, 1968 (appointed 12-28-1967)
November 5, 1968 – April 10, 1973 (elected 11-5-1968)

Before serving as a commissioner, Lawrence was a partner in the Mayfield Meat Market and served in the World War II North Africa campaign. After the war, he was a partner in the Columbia Hiway Meat Market and Lockers company until 1953. He purchased the W.E. Lowell Ranch on the Dallesport peninsula in 1950 and spent the following years farming and raising cattle until his retirement in 1972 (Tidyman Road in Dallesport is named after him and The Dalles Dam and Bridge sit on land that was part of the ranch). After his time with the Port, he went on to serve as a board member for Klickitat County Hospital District No. 2 and the Lyle School District. He passed away in February 1998 at age 88.

During his tenure, Dow Chemical began looking at Dallesport as a site for their plant, 462 acres at Dallesport were acquired from the C.T. Smith estate and the Army Corps of Engineers, construction of Marina Park was completed, nine acres at Dallesport were sold to Dow Chemical while another 225 acres were acquired from Fred Smith, the first rail spurs and water distribution lines were constructed, the water reservoir (originally intended as a storage silo for Dow Chemical) was acquired and installed, the "West Bingen" properties were sold to SDS Lumber, the 101 Parallel (aka The Dalles Cherry Growers) building was constructed, and property was sold for the Bingen wastewater treatment facility.

(obituary: Lawrence C. Tidyman, The Enterprise 3-12-1998, pg 16)

Photo of Homer H. James

Homer H. James

January 1, 1945 – December 31, 1950 (elected 11-7-1944)
January 1, 1951 – December 31, 1956 (elected 11-2-1950)
January 1, 1957 – December 31, 1962 (elected 11-6-1956)
January 1, 1963 – November 24, 1967 (elected 11-6-1962)

He passed away in November 1967 at age 83.

(obituary: Homer H. James, The Enterprise 11-30-1967, pg 1)

Special thanks to the White Salmon Enterprise, authors of the History of Klickitat County, and the various residents, family members, and other individuals who provided information and photographs to help complete this historical look at the people of the Port.