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The Port of Klickitat maintains a small marina, several parks including Marina Park and Sailboard Park, and Bingen Harbor. These recreational areas are owned, managed, and maintained by the Port, but are made available to the general public. The Port hosts a variety of recreational users engaged in various activities including boating, kiteboarding, paragliding, stand-up paddle boarding, and windsurfing. In fact, the nearby city of White Salmon is home to the well-known windsurf, kiteboard, and stand-up paddleboard equipment makers Naish USA and North Shore.

All recreation users should remember to take care when playing in the Columbia River, be courteous to other users, and watch out for pilings, drift nets (during fishing season), and barge traffic. If you are boating and have difficulty, check with one of the service providers offering boater assistance. If you're heading out on the water and can't quite remember the difference between a "can" and a "nun", review the US Aids to Navigation Guide [Portable Document Format logo – 4.1MB].

NOTICE: If you operate a business and in the course of providing your product or service use Port facilities or properties, you are required to obtain a concession permit from the Port. Failure to obtain such a permit will result in removal from Port property.


Boaters wishing to access the Columbia River may do so using the Port's boat ramp at Marina Park and the associated boat trailer parking area. Sheltered from the winds for which the Columbia River Gorge is known, Bingen Harbor is both a favorite launch site with calm water and light winds and a regular stopover for boaters traveling the river that want a respite from from the swells and chop. Other Columbia Gorge boat launch sites include Port of Cascade Locks (Cascade Locks, OR), Port of Hood River (Hood River, OR), Port of Skamania (Stevenson, WA), Meyer State Park (Mosier, OR), and Port of The Dalles (The Dalles, OR).

If you are visiting by boat from another area, you will likely need to "lock through" one or more of the dams on the river. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a helpful document on How To Lock Through. Contact information for the lock operators at each dam and their associated recreational lock schedules is listed below.

Bonneville541-374-8323WUJ 33Locks
Ice Harbor509-543-3231WUJ 42Locks
John Day541-298-9712WUJ 35Locks
Little Goose509-399-2233 x231WUJ 44Locks
Lower Granite509-843-1493 x231WUJ 45Locks
Lower Monumental509-282-3218WUJ 43Locks
McNary541-922-2231WUJ 41Locks
The Dalles541-298-4007WUJ 34Locks


Sailboard Park is an intermediate to advanced launch site for kiteboarders and a popular spot when the winds are too high or the crowds too large at other locations. It is also used as a starting point for heading upriver and a pickup spot for kiteboarders coming upriver from locations to the west.

The video at right shows why kiteboarding has become so popular. For more information on kiteboarding in the Gorge, visit the Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association.


Though first known as a premiere windsurfing location, it wasn't too long before the rising thermals common in the Columbia River Gorge were discovered by paragliding (not to be confused with parasailing) enthusiasts. The weather conditions, combined with the nearby high mountains, have made Bingen/White Salmon (Washington) one of the premier paragliding locations in the region and a popular spot for beginners. With a 1,500 foot drop from Burdoin Mountain to the Port's Sailboard Park and spectacular views of the Columbia River, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood, it's sure to be one of your favorite spots! After soaring with the eagles, stop at one of the local eateries in Bingen or White Salmon to cap off your day.

The video at right shows why Bingen/White Salmon should be the destination for your next paragliding adventure. For more information on paragliding, visit the Cascade Paragliding Club, U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, and/or U.S. Powered Paragliding Association. Several companies offer tandem rides and/or lessons in the Columbia River Gorge including Cloudsurf Paragliding, Discover Paragliding, Flystyle Paragliding, Max Roc Paragliding, and Northwest Paragliding. See this Google map for directions from Sailboard Park to the launch site. (Please note that Forbes Road and Ramsay Lane are private roads and may not be used to access the launch site. Users should park along Courtney Road and walk to the site.)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding has rapidly grown in popularity since its modern incarnation in 2004. Less physically demanding than windsurfing or kiteboarding and with fewer gear requirements, it delivers a full body workout that appeals to a broad range of active individuals regardless of age or skill level. It should be no surprise that by 2009, it was the fastest growing segment of paddlesports in North America.

Bingen Harbor is a favorite starting point for beginners that want to hone their skills in the calm waters of the harbor as well as those with more advanced skills looking for an alternate entry point to the Columbia River. The sport also has a local link. The Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge is sponsored by world renowned SUP gear manufacturer Naish located in nearby White Salmon. Another local manufacturer well known to SUP enthusiasts is Slingshot Sports of Hood River.

The video at right shows how much fun you could be having even when the wind isn't blowing. For more information on stand up paddle boarding, visit the World Paddle Association or the Standup Paddleboarding Guide. Several companies offer lessons and/or equipment in the Columbia River Gorge including Big Winds, Gorge Paddling Center, Gorge SUPer Club, Hood River WaterPlay, and Windance Boardshop.


Before some of the popular sites today were even known, the Port's Sailboard Park was the place for windsurfing. In fact, Bingen Point played host to the early Gorge Games and the Gorge Blowout. Though other locations now take the spotlight, Sailboard Park remains a quiet favorite of many novice windsurfers that seek lighter winds while avoiding the crowds at other locations.

Kerri Kent, one of the sport's early pioneers in the Gorge, remains near the site running Kerrits Activewear at the Port of Klickitat a few hundred feet away. View the video YouTube logo at right to see why the Columbia River Gorge is a Mecca for windsurfing and why so many are addicted to its thrills. For more information on windsurfing in the Gorge, visit the Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association.

Service Providers

If you find yourself in trouble while boating in the Columbia River Gorge, the following companies provide assistance and other services to pleasure boaters in the mid-Columbia region.

CRMA logo
Columbia River Marine Assistance
VAP logo
Vessel Assist Portland


The Port is pleased to partner with the following state and local agencies. We are working together to enhance, improve, and protect the Port's recreation areas for the enjoyment of our constituents and tenants.

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