Designated Pathways

Watch for the new "Path" signs when you visit Sailboard Park for a safe path to approach the Columbia River shoreline! As the river level rises and falls, please be mindful of the changing nature of available walkways.

The Port currently has two designated paths. We respectfully ask that guests and their pets use only the signed pathways to navigate to and from the water's edge, for everyone's safety. Other areas are not safe to traverse. By allowing pets to use non-designated areas it causes erosion of the valuable dike that protects the park.


…to the Port of Klickitat. Established in 1945, the Port has been a cornerstone of transportation and economic development in the Columbia Gorge for over 70 years. To companies of all sizes, we offer access to commercial and industrial facilities and shovel-ready property, modern communications facilities, and road, rail, and river transportation. To our constituents, we provide marine-based recreation facilities and manage environmentally sensitive areas for the benefit of all.

Still, these can be found in many places. So what sets us apart? The unique combination of our people, our natural environment, and our business climate. From hardworking residents and helpful Port staff to kite surfing the Columbia or snowshoeing the Mt. Adams Wilderness Area to business-friendly tax structures and affordable lease rates, Klickitat County calls to entrepreneurs, employers, and employees seeking a better quality of life. Those who have answered that call understand the value of being just a few miles east of Portland and Vancouver, but a world away.

The Port Commission has established this web site in order to deliver important information about the Port to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking a place to get started, a business owner looking for room to grow, or a constituent seeking to learn more about your port district, we hope the information you find here will answer your questions and enhance your understanding of the Port. The Port Commission and staff welcome public input when considering policy actions and encourage you to contact us to express your opinions and offer suggestions on Port projects, operations, or this web site.