Financial Support

A variety of state, regional, and federal programs are available to provide financial assistance to companies in specific sectors and to new and growing businesses regardless of sector. In addition, funding may be availble through one of the investment networks that target Northwest companies. If you need additional assistance, please contact us or the Klickitat County Economic Development Department (KCEDD).


No local financial support programs are currently available.


Washington DOC logo
Washington Department of Commerce
Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness

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Washington Department of Revenue
800-647-7706 (Teletype 800-451-7985)

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Washington Economic Development Finance Authority
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Issued by the WEDFA, non-recourse revenue bonds (aka industrial development bonds) can deliver taxable and tax-exempt bond financing in support of qualifying projects including manufacturing, processing, alternative energy production, and some research & development facilities. This financing takes advantage of a special kind of federal income tax incentive that can allow WEDFA to pass on some of the benefits of state governmental financing to private enterprise.


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Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD)

The Business Assistance Loan Program administered by MCEDD makes revolving loans to businesses when needed to allow job-creating projects to move forward when other financing options are not sufficient. Such funds may be used to acquire machinery and equipment, make leasehold improvements, and provide working capital. These loans are intended to supplement, not replace, traditional funding sources and should meet the following criteria:

Preference is given to technology-related and/or high value-add operations. Loan terms are generally longer, collateral requirements are more liberal (including subordinate lien positions), and interest rates are below market rates (commonly between one point below and three points above the prime rate).


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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
800-375-5283 (800-767-1833 TDD)

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services administers the Immigrant Investor Program (known as "EB-5") that grants visas to foreign persons making substantial capital investments in companies creating jobs in the U.S. To be eligible, the foreign investment must:

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U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development–Yakima (USDA-RD)

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Rural Development offers a number of programs that support rural communities and agricultural producers. These include the following:

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Small Business Administration–Seattle (SBA)

The Small Business Administration offers a number of programs designed to provide finanicial support to small and start-up business enterprises. Potential borrowers may use the SBA's Lender Match to find a participating lender. The four primary programs available are:

Private Investment Networks

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Alliance of Angels (AoA)

The AoA offers growth-oriented, early-stage companies in the Pacific Northwest exposure to individual investors and representatives of investement corporations. Acting as a "matchmaker" for young technology companies and interested investors, AoA provides Program Managers that work with entrepreneurs to provide in-depth coaching. Early-stage companies that pass a rigorous screening process may be selected to present their business plans at an AoA monthly membership meeting. AoA is part of the Technology Alliance and a member of the Angel Capital Association.

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Bellingham Angel Investors (BAI)

The BAI is a group of accredited investors dedicated to providing equity capital to early and mid-stage entrepreneurial companies in the Pacific Northwest, with emphasis on those companies located in the Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties of Washington State. Members are independent business owners and senior corporate executives experienced in financing and developing emerging enterprises. They mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom they invest, sometimes serve on their boards, provide contacts, and assist with team building, strategic planning and fundraising. BAI is a member of the Angel Capital Association.

CPVF logo
Cowen Partners Venture Fund (CPVF)

Primarily focused on pre-seed, seed, and early-stage companies in the Pacific Northwest, CPVF focuses on niche markets, community businesses, and minority entrepreneurs with a patent protected product/technology in the food, consumer, automotive, cleantech, medtech, artificial intelligence, and software segments. CPVF does not invest in retail, restaurant, or brick-and-mortar businesses. Initial investments from $10,000 to $50,000.

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Craft3, a nonprofit community development financial institution, provides loans up to $5 million to small, woman-owned, and minority-owned businesses in the underserved communities of the Pacific Northwest with a particular focus on rural Washington. In addition to financial support, they also provide expertise, networking, and other advocacy services. By 2014, Craft3 had invested over $284 million in supporting economic development. Offices are located in Portland and Seattle.

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E8 Angels
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E8 is a Washington non-profit organization that invests in and fosters cleantech companies by connecting promising entrepreneurs with experienced cleantech investors. Comprised of private investors, E8 only funds entrepreneurs in clean technology with a high value placed on firms dedicated to a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable, and prosperous world. Members are successful executives and entrepreneurs who provide investment capital, contacts, and strategic advice to help young companies achieve market leadership. E8 provides investment capital, strategic advice, mentoring and coaching, contacts, and assistance with team building, strategic planning, and fundraising.

FRP logo
First Row Partners (FRP)
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Started in Seattle, FRP provides catalyst funding for early-stage startups. They invest where technology is tamed for the benefit of everyday individuals as they connect, contribute, and consume.

FC logo
Founders' Co-op (FC)
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Founders' Co-op is a seed-stage venture fund created by founders, funded by founders, and designed to put founders first. Since 2008 they have invested in over 100 companies in the Pacific Northwest. The fund operates on these principles: tell the truth; be fast; give first; its your company; and be human.

Grubstakes logo
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Grubstakes funds and mentors startups in the Pacific Northwest. Its mission is to foster an engaged, collaborative, and smart angel investor community, and to ensure founders are well financed and succeed through exit. Its focus is on companies led by extraordinary teams.

Keiretsu Forum logo
Keiretsu Forum – Northwest

The Keiretsu Forum is made up of private equity investors, venture capitalists, and corporate/institutional investors. Close relationships with venture capital (VC) firms, universities, and Investment Banking institutions facilitate access to the capital, talent, technology, and resources needed to build a successful venture. Members invest in opportunities that focus on emerging technologies, life science, healthcare, and bio-technology, but includes any segment with a high growth opportunity. Presenting entrepreneurs have exposure to 100 potential investors as well as resources, customers, board members, advisors, referrals, and feedback. Early-stage capital investment ranges from $250k to $2M.

MVG logo
Madrona Venture Group (MVG)
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The MVG specializes in investing in seed and early-stage companies that leverage technology to create or disrupt huge markets. Their philosophy is that it is never too early to make connections regardless of whether a fully realized business plan exists or just the technology and a vision.

OVF logo
Oregon Venture Fund (OVF)
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The OVF seeks to annually invest in 4-7 highly scalable companies at any stage and located in Oregon and Southwest Washington. To be considered for an investment by OVF, entrepreneurs must provide a business plan.

OEN logo
Venture Northwest (VNW)

Part of the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN), Venture Northwest (formerly Venture Oregon) is an annual conference that draws institutional investors and investment bankers from across the Western U.S. who are interested in emerging Northwest businesses and the region's growth segments. A great way for investors to connect with the area's hottest emerging Northwest businesses, companies that have presented at Venture Northwest have raised over $1.3 billion in venture capital since 1996 and over $68 million in angel investment.

OVG logo
Outlines Venture Group
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Started in 2013, the OVG invests in and mentors early stage technology companies in return for board seats and equity. Primary interest is in women-led start-up companies.

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Puget Sound Venture Club (PSVC)
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The PSVC was founded in 1985 with the mission of creating a small, focused community of accredited investors. Its goal is to provide companies with capital, insight, and experience in an effort to both help them find success and offer high returns to its members. The PSVC offers opportunities for education, provides monthly speakers in areas such as corporate formation, investment vehicles, and regulatory updates, and more. Over the last 35 years, it has invested more than $169 million in over 1,150 companies.

SCF logo
SeaChange Fund (SCF)
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SCF invests in early-stage companies located in the pacific northwest. Operating with a full-time professional team, it provides funding up front in amounts typically between $500,000 and $900,000. They also partner with funded companies to provide board-level mentors, industry connections, strategy advisors, and access to talent.

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Seven Peaks Ventures (SPV)
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Founded in 2013, Seven Peaks mission is to help entrepreneurs throughout the Pacific Northwest build and scale their businesses by providing access to capital, expertise, and networks that can help them execute on their vision. Their interest is in mission-driven entrepreneurs with courage, resilience, genius, and an ability to attract great people.

SAA logo
Spokane Angel Alliance (SAA)
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Established in 2003, SAA is a nonprofit alliance of investors with a common interest in businesses that can emerge as industry leaders and located in Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Opportunities are targeted to privately held companies headquartered in the Inland Northwest. Companies with significant growth potential and a defensible competitive advantage are preferred. Any company meeting the investment criteria may submit their company information for consideration and the opportunity to present their investment opportunity to the members. Investments are typically structured as preferred stock, common stock, or convertible promissory notes.

W Fund logo
W Fund

The W Fund is n early-state venture fund managed by a private group of angel investors interested in promising start-ups spinning out of the University of Washington and other research institutions across the state. Its purpose is to help the most promising research and student-generated start-ups realize opportunities, gain traction more quickly, and reach venture-fundable milestones.