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Environmental Permitting
State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA). Joint Acquatic

Commercial and industrial operations may not discharge significant wastes without receiving prior authorization from the wastewater treatment operator. For facilities at Bingen Point, the operator is the
RCW 90.48 and WAC 173-216. Commercial and industrial operations may not discharge any of the following:

Violation of any of these requirements may result in . When in doubt, contact the City of Bingen (Bingen Point) or the Klickitat PUD (Dallesport).


Before the construction of any structure or improvement, tenants must submit a drawing to the Port for approval. The level of detail required is dependent upon the scope of the construction project. In the case of a structure, the information required by the County Building Department is generally sufficient for the purposes of the Port (see below).

Klickitat County Planning Department
development assistance

Klickitat County Building Inspection & Compliance Department
Before building any structure or substantial tenant improvement, tenants must submit plans (such as foundation, floorplan, cross-section, and energy code worksheet) to the County Building Department for review and approval. A non-refundable review fee, based on the valuation of the project, is required. It generally takes two to four weeks to process an application (depending on project scope) and may take slightly longer if revisions are required. Upon approval, progress must be made every six months to prevent the permit from expiring (though a six month extension may be requested without charge).


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