Photo of White Salmon, Washington The Columbia Gorge isn't just a great place to locate your business, it's also a great place to live. The Port's business and industrial parks are surrounded by cities and communities that vary in character from White Salmon's traditional charm and Hood River's understated trendiness to Lyle's recreational vibe and The Dalles' historic feel.

Whether your taste runs toward quaint cottages, rustic log cabins, trendy condos, hardworking ramblers, or million dollar mansions, there's a place for you here. Find out more about the cities and communities that surround the Port's Bingen Point Business Park and Dallesport Industrial Park.

Bingen Point Business Park

BingenWashington3 minutes2 miles
White SalmonWashington5 minutes2 miles
UnderwoodWashington5 minutes3 miles
Hood RiverOregon10 minutes5 miles
MosierOregon15 minutes8 miles
Husum/BZ CornerWashington15 minutes10 miles
LyleWashington15 minutes10 miles
OdellOregon20 minutes10 miles
RowenaOregon25 minutes16 miles
Dallesport/MurdockWashington30 minutes18 miles
StevensonWashington30 minutes22 miles
Cascade LocksOregon30 minutes22 miles
ChenowethOregon35 minutes23 miles
KlickitatWashington35 minutes23 miles
Trout LakeWashington35 minutes24 miles
The DallesOregon35 minutes24 miles
WishramWashington35 minutes27 miles
AppletonWashington40 minutes20 miles
GlenwoodWashington60 minutes34 miles

Dallesport Industrial Park

Dallesport/MurdockWashington8 minutes3 miles
The DallesOregon10 minutes5 miles
ChenowethOregon15 minutes8 miles
LyleWashington15 minutes10 miles
WishramWashington15 minutes12 miles
RowenaOregon15 minutes12 miles
MosierOregon20 minutes19 miles
DufurOregon25 minutes14 miles
BingenWashington25 minutes19 miles
White SalmonWashington30 minutes21 miles
UnderwoodWashington30 minutes22 miles
Hood RiverOregon30 minutes25 miles
KlickitatWashington35 minutes23 miles
OdellOregon35 minutes32 miles
AppletonWashington40 minutes21 miles
CentervilleWashington40 minutes30 miles
Husum/BZ CornerWashington40 minutes30 miles
GoldendaleWashington40 minutes30 miles