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Washington State
National Rankings

1st Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC)
2017 America's Top States for Business
July 2017
Oregon: 17th – Idaho: 20th
2nd Center for Data Innovation
2017 Best States for Data Innovation
July 2017
Oregon: 8th – Idaho: 40th
3rd Bloomberg Business
2016 Most Innovative States In America
January 2016
Oregon: 6th – Idaho: 23rd
5th Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
2017 Small Business Tax Index
June 2017
Oregon: 42nd – Idaho: 35th
5th The Milken Institute
2016 State Technology & Science Index
November 2016
Oregon: 13th – Idaho: 32nd
6th Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
2017 Small Business Policy Index
February 2017
Oregon: 41st – Idaho: 27th
8th Prosperity Now
2017 Scorecard
July 2017
Oregon: 20th – Idaho: 24th
8th Council for Community and Economic Research
2016 State Business Incentives
November 2016
Oregon: 24th – Idaho: 35th
9th Forbes Magazine
2016 Best States For Business
November 2016
Oregon: 16th – Idaho: 18th
11th Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University
2015 State Competitiveness Report
July 2016
Oregon: 19th – Idaho: 21st
17th Tax Foundation
2017 State Business Tax Climate Index
September 2016
Oregon: 10th – Idaho: 20th
Washington is consistently in the top ten based on past rankings.
See Assessing State Business Climate Indexes for more information.

There are many reasons why the Port of Klickitat and Klickitat County are a great place to locate your business. Here, you'll find all the requisites including excellent business support, an assortment of communications technologies to serve your company and your employees, various opportunities for education, a broad collection of financial support programs, low operating costs, world-class recreation, and a willing workforce.

Not enough? We have a simple tax system that features no corporate tax, no unitary tax, no inventory tax, no personal income tax, and no tax on interest, dividends, or capital gains. We also offer all the benefits of a more rural lifestyle...and the recreation opportunities that come with it...while being just over one hour away from all the amenities of an urban metropolitan area (Portland/Vancouver). On top of all that, we're located in Washington State which consistently ranks as one of the top 25 percent of best business states in the nation!

Still not convinced? Learn more about our local communities, the demographics of the area (including a summary of Klickitat County from the US Census Bureau), and our regulatory environment. Find out what to do when you're not working courtesy of Washington State Tourism, Columbia Gorge magazine, Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce , and Travel Oregon. Finally, take note of how other organizations, publications, and entities rank Washington as a state in which to do business (see table on this page).